In South Florida weather and sun over time will damage your entrance and side doors requiring them to be replaced.  This is your opportunity to dramatically update the look of your home and at the same time add some much needed security.      

What are the code requirements for replacing an exterior door?

When replacing your old front door and exterior side doors the replacement doors must comply with current Florida Building Codes.  Broward and Miami Dade and Coastal Palm Beach County are all located in what is called a High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) which has the most stringent building code requirements in the state of Florida.  For this reason it is best to work with a professional to make sure you purchase a door that is HVHZ rated and to make sure it is properly installed.  Look for doors that have been laboratory tested to resist both debris impacts and negative and positive wind pressures.  Doors, door framing and door hardware should be made of water resistant and corrosion resistant materials.  Reinforced hinges and beefed up door frames along with proper installation will ensure your door will hold up in the event of a storm.  It should be noted condominium units must also follow Florida Building Code requirements for door replacement. 

Do I need a permit to replace and exterior door?

Yes.  A permit is required to insure the door has been properly installed following the manufacture’s installation instructions and the door is in compliance with the applicable Florida Building Code.  A sticker is affixed to the door by the manufacturer showing the information needed by the building inspector to make sure the product is code complaint for impact rating and wind pressure.   

What style entry door should I choose?

Your entry door is also the first impression when people come to visit, so it should be as beautiful as it is strong.  A replacement door should reflect the architectural style of your home, be it traditional or contemporary.   A popular choice these days is selecting a contemporary door with clean lines and obscure, impact rated glass that provides absolute privacy, but still lets in a good amount of light.

Exterior Door Installation

Expert installation is key and that includes following all the manufacturer’s instructions.   An experience and skilled installer should be used when doing this type of work.  Be wary of using handymen or inexperienced sub- contractors when undertaking a door replacement project. An impact rated door that is not properly installed could fail when you need it most and will not hold up over time.  

A new impact door that is hurricane ready will provide you with peace a mind in storm prone South Florida, plus there is an additional level of security when you have an impact-resistant entry, side or garage door.   Kicking in a door is one of the main ways thieves use to gain access to a home.   Thieves know impact resistant doors are so difficult to breach they will opt to move on and choose an easier target. 

Coupled with impact rated windows, new impact doors can reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. 

GM – Door, Window & Screen has a wide variety of premium doors to choose from that fit your style, budget and provide protection against hurricanes.   If you are looking to replace your doors, windows or sliding glass doors give GM a call for the highest quality products coupled with the best value.