19 12, 2020

Top 10 Reasons to replace your old windows with Impact Windows.

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  1. Impact Windows, also known as Hurricane Windows, provide turnkey protection against major storms.

Hurricane or Impact Windows main function is to provide protection from wind, water and wind born debris in the event of a storm. Impact-resistant glazing, also known as hurricane windows, are windows that have been tested for wind loads and wind-borne debris. Broward, Coastal Palm Beach and Miami-Dade are located in a High Velocity Wind Zone and Impact Windows must meet the most stringent testing requirements. Impact windows are laminated glass consisting of two or more clear panes of glass bonded together with a clear plastic-like film (usually polyvinyl butyral) sandwich between the two panes. If cracked or broken the glass fragments will adhere to the plastic interlayer preventing water, wind or debris from entering the home. Impact windows generally have heavier frames than regular residential windows. If a storm does threaten, your home is hurricane ready with no worry about hanging up plywood or putting up hurricane shutters.

2. Impact Windows provide a tremendous return on investment.

Are impact windows and doors worth the cost? In South Florida there is no doubt you will instantly receive a nice return on your investment. When it comes time to sell your home having new impact windows will return on average 70 to 77 percent of the cost. Replacing older windows is always listed in the top 10 for the best ROI by real estate and remodeling websites.

3. You may save money on your homeowners insurance

South Florida has the highest homeowners insurance rates in the state. Windstorm coverage is a special type of property-casualty insurance that protects policyholders from property damage caused by hurricanes and tornados.  Adding impact windows and impact doors, along with an impact garage door can provide a substantial discount on the wind mitigation portion of your policy.

4. Adding impact windows will be a great selling point when you decide to leave your home.

A common real estate adage says “kitchens sell houses”, however a mid-range kitchen remodel will have an ROI of only 59 percent. In hurricane prone South Florida, outdated windows and doors that require you to hang up shutters when a storm approaches will often deter buyers who are looking for safety and security. Buyers will most certainly request a credit for new windows. Moreover, before you sell your home you will get to enjoy turnkey storm protection, energy efficiency, better sound proofing and tremendous curb appeal. Having impact windows is a great selling point and can help you get top dollar when it comes time to sell your home.

5. Additional security.

Not only do you get protection from storms, but thieves know that it is virtually impossible to break through hurricane windows. Breaking and entering through a window is one of the primary ways thieves gain entrance to your home.  Once a thief sees that you have impact widows they will often move on to find a home that is an easier target. 

6. Adding Impact Windows will give your home amazing curb appeal.

Windows making up on average 35 percent of the exterior of any home.  Replacing your tired looking and non-functioning windows with new impact windows will give your home an updated and fresh look. 

7. There are special financing options that can make replacement impact widows an affordable option.

GM – Doors, Window and Screen offers financing options to qualified property owners to make energy efficiency and wind resistance improvement and repairs through Ygrene’s Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program. Here is how it works – property owners can get up to 100% financing based upon available home equity, ability to pay, along with other factors. The funding is repaid through an assessment included on the annual property tax bill. Wind resistant improvements include wind-rated / hurricane resistant windows, doors and storm shutters. The PACE program is not based upon credit score, pays the contractor directly, stretches payments out over terms up to 30 years and is at a fixed interest rate.

8. New Impact Windows will help reduce your energy bills. 

Old windows often leak air causing your air conditioner to continuously run driving up your energy costs. New impact windows will keep your home air tight. Radiant energy from the sun is another way windows transfer heat.  You can opt for tinted windows that will provide greater energy efficiency by reducing radiant heat. 

9. Adding a tint to new impact windows will reduce Ultra Violet (UV) light that causes items in your home to fade.     

The inner filling of new impact windows can be ordered in various color tints to help reduce UV damage. UV light from the sun over time does plenty of damage to the contents of your home – including artwork, furniture, wood floors, carpets and home furnishing.  

10. Impact windows significantly reduce outside noise.

Because of their thickness Impact Windows provide insulation from the amount of outside sounds coming into the home. You will immediately notice the peace and quiet provided by new impact windows.  

GM – Door, Window & Screen is a family owned and operated business operating since 1968 that specializes in impact replacement windows and doors.  With our own in-house installation team we provide the finest products and will work within your budget.  Give us a call for a free estimate at (954) 797-0797.  

16 11, 2021

Florida Building Code as it relates to Impact Windows

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Replacement windows are subject to current building codes and require a building permit.  In South Florida, a window’s function is not just to allow light and air into the home but can be a safety measure in the event of a storm.  One should seriously look at adding impact windows, also known as hurricane windows, to receive protection from storms and many more benefits.  An impact window in a Florida home has a multi-functional role: it must allow the sun’s light to pass through, but not the sun’s heat; it must keep cool conditioned air inside but not allow condensation to form on the surface of the glass. It must not allow hot, humid outside air to leak into the home in summer, nor allow warm inside air to leak out of the house in winter. Plus, as a result of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, we know hurricanes can breach older windows, making them a primary access point for wind, rain, and wind-borne debris.

Florida Building Code (FBC)

The FBC requires windows to be impact-resistant or protected with shutters if located within one mile of the coast where the wind speed is 140 mph or greater during a storm. (Of course, even if your home is not located in this area, impact windows are getting to be the norm in all of South Florida.) A window is a complex system, and it’s more than just glazing (glass): it also includes the frame, sash, and any operable elements as well.

Florida Building Code prescribes performance and construction requirements for exterior windows and glass doors installed in-wall systems. Testing by an approved testing laboratory is required. Approved labels affixed to the window must identify the manufacturer, performance characteristics approved product certification agency, testing laboratory, evaluation entity, or Miami-Dade notice of acceptance (NOA).  To pass inspection, the city inspector must view this sticker affixed to your windows, so make sure not to remove the sticker before the inspection.  And the answer is yes to the question, “Do I need a permit to install impact windows?”

There are testing standards set forth by the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and/or others that must be met before a window is certified as being impact-resistant. One of the most stringent testing requirements is referenced in the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) section of the Florida Building Code, which applies to Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. To pass inspection and be eligible for insurance discounts, every exterior opening, residential or commercial, must be protected by shutters or impact-resistant windows against wind-borne debris caused by hurricanes in the HVHZ. A company may have its products approved for local or state use. Broward and Miami-Dade Counties have the strictest test protocols in the country for wind-borne debris, positive and negative air pressure, and water tests.

Impact-Resistant Glazing

Impact-resistant glazing is available as laminated glass and is also considered a type of safety glazing. Laminated glass consists of two or more panes of clear glass bonded together with transparent plastic-like film (usually polyvinyl butyral) sandwiched between the two. This inner “filling” ranges in thickness from .015 to .090 inches, which can be ordered in various colored tints to help reduce UV damage in the home.  The laminated glass does not shatter but holds hold the glass together upon impact. If cracked or broken, the glass fragments adhere to the plastic interlayer, thus preventing water, wind, or wind-borne debris from entering the structure. Note that the frames for laminated glass are generally beefier than for regular residential windows because although the glass may not break, a strong force could hit the window hard enough to cause the entire frame to give way. The window is tested as a unit that includes the glass, frame, attachment hardware, and the installation method when undergoing testing. Products designed to protect your home’s openings must be both tested and approved for wind load and wind-borne debris. Keep in mind that all glass other than impact-resistant window glass, even if tempered, reinforced, or insulated, needs to be protected with shutters during severe wind events.

Proper Installation

The proper attachment of the window to the structure is critical to the performance of the window. Each manufacturer specifies how its impact-resistant windows must be installed to offer the maximum amount of protection when confronted by storm-driven debris. The FBC has specific requirements for window installations but primarily refers to following the “published manufacturer’s recommendations.” Detailed information about window and door installation is provided in the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard ASTM E 2112 (Standard Practice for Installation of Exterior Windows, Doors and Skylights), a comprehensive installation guide. Look for an installer who has extensive experience and is familiar with this document or other installation specifications as available through the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and who follows the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.

Insurance Benefits

Visit the Florida Wind Insurance Incentives website to search for wind insurance incentives, such as impact-resistant glazing or shutter protection for windows, which reduce wind damage. Check with your homeowner’s insurance carrier to see what kind of a discount is available. Benefits from impact-resistant windows extend beyond storms to broader security concerns such as reduced break-ins and theft.

The window sticker must remain affixed in order to pass inspection by your municipality.

Design Wind Pressure Rating

The pressure rating measures the window’s performance and is expressed as positive and negative wind pressure and is measured in pressure per square foot (PSF).  Required design wind pressure is based on wind speed, the surrounding terrain (proximity to the coast, open terrain…etc.), the building height, the size of the window, and the window’s location on the building.  An independent laboratory tests the window to 150% of the design pressure rating.  Florida Building Code for Risk Category II structures (one-and-two family dwellings and townhouses not more than three stories in height) specifies a wind speed of 175 mph in Miami-Dade County and 170 mph in Broward.  The higher the pressure rating, the better. 

Energy Performance of Windows

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) offers a voluntary testing and certification program for thermal performance for windows and residential door products with glass. The NFRC does not conduct structural characteristics, such as impact resistance, but instead serves as a complementary program that can test the whole window (including frame) for the following features: U-Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC), Visible Transmittance, Air Leakage, and Condensation Resistance. Remember that just because a window has an NFRC certification label, it does not mean a window or door is energy efficient. Instead, it provides information about energy performance that users can then use to determine if the product is efficient for the region or situation. You’ll note the window sticker contains other information as well, including company name, framing material, product type, etc., so be sure to compare similar products with each other. The SHGC rating is the most important in Florida since we usually try to block the most heat from coming while admitting the most visible light. NFRC Label Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) SHGC measures how well a product blocks heat caused by sunlight. The SHGC is the fraction of incident solar radiation admitted through a window, both directly transmitted, absorbed, and subsequently released inward. SHGC is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The lower a window’s solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits in Florida. Select windows with an SHGC of 0.40 or less.


U-factor measures the amount of heat that escapes through the product. The lower the rating, the better the window prevents heat loss (as imagined, this is more of a concern in northern climates). NFRC certified products require U-factor ratings. In Florida, select windows with a U-factor at least as low as 0.65. Air Leakage* (AL) AL is indicated by an air leakage rating, expressed as the equivalent cubic feet of air passing through a square foot of window area (cfm/sq ft). Heat loss and gain occur by infiltration through cracks in the window assembly. The lower the AL, the less air will pass through cracks in the window assembly.

Condensation Resistance* (CR)

CR measures the ability of a product to resist the formation of condensation on the interior surface of that product. While this rating cannot predict condensation, it can provide a credible method of comparing the potential of various products for condensation formation. CR is expressed as a number between 0 and 100. The higher the CR rating, the better that product is at resisting condensation formation.

Visible Transmittance (VT)

VT measures how much light comes through a product. Visible transmittance is an optical property that indicates the amount of visible light transmitted. VT is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The higher the VT, the more light is transmitted. * This rating is optional, and manufacturers can choose not to include it.

GM Door, Window & Screen has the most affordable solutions for your home remodeling project. We specialize in the installation of hurricane-ready / impact windows, sliding doors, and entrance doors. In business since 1968, we have been family-owned and operated. GM takes your vision and works within your budget to provide the perfect finished product. Upgrade and make your home safe from storms with new doors, windows, shutters, and more. Call today for a free estimate (954) 797-0797.  

Review the various ratings with your salesperson to select the best window for your home or business.
29 09, 2021

What to expect during your window and/or entrance door replacement consultation

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Fantastic, you finally decided to replace your old inefficient windows and doors with hurricane-rated impact products but are unsure of the process. Here is an overview of what you should expect.  

Before the consultation

It would be a good idea to do a little research before meeting with a widow and door company.  That would include driving the neighborhood to see what type of windows and doors might be a good replacement option for your home.   You can also cut out pictures from magazines or look on the internet to get an idea of the type of windows and styles and doors you like. 

GM- Door Window & Screen works with a large number of quality manufactures, so we have an extensive selection of options from which to choose. If you are still unsure, no worries, we will help you through the process.   Our consultants have decades of experience to help you make the right selections.     

Your sales consultation

Ideally, your sales consultant should be highly experienced and have previously done work in your neighborhood.   With that background, they will have ideas and suggestions for what products, manufacturers, and styles will work best with your home’s architecture.   Also, having worked in the area previously, they will often be knowledgeable about the unique design characteristics of the homes built in the area.    They should also be ready with references from previous work they have completed.  

GM – Door, Window & Screen has been doing business in South Florida since 1968, so we have extensive experience, pages of reference and will be able to help you find the best window and door replacement option for your budget.  

Items to cover during the consultation

Which materials will work best for your home and budget?

Impact Windows- Vinyl and aluminum impact windows are your two main choices.  Advances in vinyl technology make vinyl impact windows an excellent and affordable option.   Quality vinyl windows will not crack, fade, or warp, plus they are very energy efficient.  Quality replacement vinyl windows should last for decades.  Aluminum impact windows are inherently strong but lightweight.   They are made with durable powder-coated finishes that are resistant to corrosion.

Impact Entrance Doors – Your entrance door is often the first impression when visitors or guests visit your home.   In storm-prone South Florida, it should be as beautiful as it is strong.   Your main choices of materials are fiberglass, aluminum, steel, and entrance doors made with impact-rated glass.  Nothing beats the look and feel of a real wood door, but a wood door will need to be coupled with a shutter system to protect the opening in the event of a storm.  Better choices for storm-prone South Florida are fiberglass, aluminum, and steel doors, which can all be manufactured to simulate a wood grain door and are excellent options when it comes to storm protection.   While they mimic the look of natural wood, these products are resistant to moisture, humidity, warping, and splitting.  Doors made with impact glass are another popular choice and give the home a fantastic contemporary look, plus impact glass doors let in natural light that brightens up your entranceway. 

GM Door, Window & Screen will review all your material options with you, and you can select the best choice for your style of home that will work within your budget.  GM sells a wide variety of affordable, solid, and durable impact products.     

Do impact windows block UV rays, and should I get my windows tinted?

Impact windows provide up to 99 percent protection from damaging UV rays generated by the sun, while regular glass windows only provide 60 percent protection.  Over time, UV rays will fade furniture, wood flooring, carpet, and artwork.  When you order your windows, you also have the option of getting your windows tinted.  Getting your windows tinted can also help keep your home cooler, which will lower your energy bill.  Windows can be ordered clear, but tint options are available in various shades of bronze, gray, blue, and green.   The tint can be lighter or darker depending on your needs.  Glass entrance doors are often ordered with a white opaque interlayer that provides absolute privacy but allows natural light to flow into your home, brightening the entrance.    

GM Door, Window & Screen recommends in many cases to select a tint that works with the color scheme of your home, which will help keep your home cool in the intense South Florida heat. 

What style impact windows and entrance door should I choose? 

This is where you doing some research before meeting with the consultant will come in handy.  Our knowledgeable consultant will help you narrow down your choices and advise you on what impact windows and doors will work best for the architectural design of your home.  We walk you through the available impact window choices: single hung, horizontal rolling windows, casement windows, fixed windows, and specialty shapes.  We will show you entrance doors that make a bold statement and more subtle entrance doors that complement the design of your home.     

GM Door, Window & Screen has been in business since 1968, and we have worked in every neighborhood in South Florida and done installations in every type of home architecture.  Using this experience, we will help you select the perfect impact windows and entrance door for your home. 

Preparing the quote. 

Once we have settled on the type of impact windows and entrance door, we will go around your house to measure all the openings.   Depending on your style and materials selection, we will reach out to our manufacturers to secure the absolute best pricing for your project for the quote.   Often manufacturers will have promotions where we can pass the savings along.  

I am ready to sign the contract!

We go over the contract to ensure everything is to your satisfaction and collect a deposit to get things rolling.   You heard the old say, “Measure twice, cut once.” We do the same thing for each opening.   Every opening is remeasured, and we confirm the product, style, and color for the job.  We also provide the paperwork needed to pull a permit with the city.  And the answer is YES to the question, “Do I need a permit?” You would be foolish not to have the installation properly inspected for a significant investment like window replacement and a new entrance door.  Plus, your insurance company will ask to see the paperwork showing the impact windows and doors have passed inspection to qualify for discounts.  

Since the windows are built to your home’s specifications, they are ordered at this time, and a second deposit is collected.  While you are excited about getting your new impact windows and entrance door, almost always, you will need to be a little patient as the products are manufactured to your specifications.  This will take a little time and that time varies depending on how busy the manufacturer is producing product.  All window companies incur this delay, but it will be well worth the wait.  

Are there financing options available?

Hurricane / Impact windows and doors are an excellent investment to protect your family, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and may also reduce the wind portion of your property insurance bill by up to 77% depending on the age of your home and type of improvement. Qualified property owners can get up to 100 percent financing to make energy efficiency and wind resistance improvement and repairs through Ygrene’s Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program. Financing is based upon available home equity, ability to pay, along with other factors. The funding is repaid through an assessment included in the annual property tax bill. Wind resistant improvements include wind-rated / hurricane resistant windows, doors, and storm shutters. The PACE program is not based upon credit score, pays the contractor directly, stretches payments out over terms up to 30 years, and is at a fixed interest rate.

Time to install your impact windows and entrance door

GM Door Window & Screen has expert, in-house installation teams to do your job.  Be wary of companies that use outside contractors to do the work.   Proper installation following the manufacturer’s instructions is critical to avoid leaks and the proper function of your impact windows and entrance doors.  This is a job for experienced pros and not a handyman.  In most cases, the team can do an average size home in two or three days.  The only preparation needed by the homeowner is moving furniture or objects a couple of feet away from the windows, both inside and outside, giving workers room to work.  We do minor stucco repair if there is damage when the old windows are removed.  You should be prepared to do so some touch-up painting after the job is complete. On occasion, we may see more significant problems where there is structural damage due to a leaking window or considerable damage to the stucco or window sills tied to removing the old products.  Then separate arrangements will have to be made to address these problems.  Looking at the job, we can most often advise you upfront of potential issues.     

GM Door, Window & Screen expert installation team are all in-house employees and do meticulous work.   We carefully clean up the job site each day, so there is very little mess associated with your installation.     

After your impact window and entrance door installation is complete

Aside from being the envy of all your neighbors, we will arrange for the final inspection by the city.  Once everything passes inspection, we collect the final balance.   Now you can enjoy being prepared ahead of time in the event of a storm.  With new impact windows and entrance doors, there are also other added benefits, like a significant reduction in outside noise coming into the house, a reduction in your energy bill and added security.  Thieves most often enter a home by breaking the glass on a window or kicking in a door, but that is almost impossible with impact products.

In most cases, thieves decide to move on to easier targets when they encounter impact windows and doors.   You should also connect with your homeowner’s insurance company.  You may be eligible for significant discounts on your home’s insurance policy.  Finally, you will be shocked at how much better your home looks with new impact windows and a new impact-rated entrance door.  While a significant investment, these home upgrades will pay off when you decide to sell your home down the road.  In South Florida, home buyers will almost always look to purchase a home with upgraded impact windows and doors and pay a premium.  GM Door, Window & Screen is a family-owned and operated business.  GM has been servicing South Florida since 1968.  Call us for a free estimate at (954) 797-0797. 

20 09, 2021

A Guide to Entrance Door Replacement in South Florida

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The front door to your house is the first significant impression for visitors and guests when visiting your home.  Your entrance door makes a powerful statement.  The entrance door must look as beautiful as it is strong, and unless you are a very skilled do-it-yourselfer replacing an entrance door is best left up to the pros.   And the answer is Yes – to the question, do I need a permit to replace my front door?    

When selecting an entrance door in South Florida, one must first consider the weather.  Constant rain, tropical storms, hurricanes, and the scorching sun require you to select a door that will stand up to the harsh elements.  Your entrance door should be impact-rated, so you are ready for potential hurricanes, which frequent South Florida. 

What does it mean for an entrance door to be impact rated?

A hurricane-rated entrance door, also known as an impact-rated entrance door, is tested for specific wind code requirements.  Broward, Miami-Dade Counties, and Coastal Palm Beach County are located in a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ).  These areas have been designated to have potential wind speeds of over 140 mph when a hurricane makes landfall.  Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992, which prompted new building codes to be put in place to protect homes against such storms.   Impact-rated entrance doors are tested to withstand minimum wind speed for the buildings’ exposure and structural type.  The wind load rating is the amount of positive or negative air pressure exerted against the door without causing it to fail.  Entrance doors are also impact tested to withstand flying debris generated by a hurricane.   All entrance doors and windows must be impact rated and meet local building code requirements to receive insurance discounts. 

Best Materials for Front Doors

Entrance doors come in many materials, but like anything, there are pros and cons.     


Fiberglass is a cost-effective choice and today’s fiberglass doors do an excellent job of mimicking the look and feel of a wood door.  Fiberglass doors need little maintenance and provide a higher insulation value than a wood doors. 


Steel doors provide excellent strength and security.  Steel doors neither expand nor contract, which means they operate smoothly all year long.   In addition, steel doors today can be made with decorative panels that mimic the look of high-end wood doors.   On the downside, a steel door can be dented and, after time, can corrode when exposed to the elements.  Surprisingly steel doors can be the most affordable option.  


Today, an entrance door made with hurricane-rated impact glass is a popular choice, which gives the home a modern, contemporary look.   Opaque, impact-rated glass is most often used on an entrance door, which allows the light to enter the house, but makes it impossible to see through.  Impact-resistant laminated glass is used for entrance doors.  Although the glass may crack when hit by wind-borne debris, a glass impact door is designed not to fail and compromise the envelope of your home in the event of a hurricane.   

Wood Doors

Nothing beats the look and feel of an authentic wood door. However, entrance doors made of wood can be a challenge for South Florida.  Wood doors tend to warp, rot, or crack after being exposed to the elements, but your wood door should last for many years with proper maintenance.  If you desire a wood door for your South Florida home, you will also need shutters to protect the entrance in the event of a storm.  There are fiberglass doors design to beautifully mimic the look of a wood door that might be a good option.        

How do I choose a front door style?

The best thing to do is carry the style of your home through to the front door.  A typical ranch-style home in South Florida may have several design elements that lend themselves to a wide variety of entrance door options.  A couple of popular trends in South Florida are glass front doors which give the home a modern, clean look and lets in a lot of light.  Rustic wood doors with decorative wrought iron hardware laid over the door’s glass are often selected for Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes.  Adding a bright, intense color to the entrance door can make it pop, but if you have a traditional home, the best look is a subtlel color selection that complements your home’s base color.      


Just as critical as the door itself is having your door correctly installed following the manufacturer’s instructions and adhering to local building codes.   Proper installation is crucial for impact-rated doors, so you do not incur a catastrophic failure in the event of a hurricane.    Professional installation will guard against leaks and ensure years of smooth operation.  


What separates impact doors from regular doors is beefed-up hinges and frames necessary to stand up to hurricanes.  In addition, impact doors will have multipoint locking systems, which lock at multiple points along the frame.   Selecting the best handle set depends on the style of door you choose, the home’s architectural design, and what matches the door’s hinges and threshold.  Exterior handle sets can be made from brass, bronze, stainless steel, or wrought iron.   For double entry doors, you will need two handle sets – one for each door.  One is active and locks and unlocks the door, while the other one is inactive.    


An impact-resistant door gives you an added measure of security.   Often thieves break the glass on front, sliding, back, or garage side entry doors to gain access by reaching through in order to open the door from the inside or kick the door in, but that is virtually impossible with a properly installed impact-resistant door. 

GM – Door, Window & Screen offers a tremendous selection of styles, sizes, and colors to fit every exterior door need, including a wide selection of impact decorative glass doors. 

Call the pros at GM- Door, Window & Screen when it comes time to replace your entrance or any exterior door.  We offer quality and great value. Selecting the perfect front door can be an overwhelming task, but our expert staff will guide you through the process, from choosing the ideal door to your final installation.  We have our own in-house team of installation professionals who will ensure the job is done right.   We are family-owned and operated and have been in business since 1968.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate – (954) 797-0797. 

13 07, 2021

Should I get all my Windows and Doors replaced all at once with Impact Windows and Doors?

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While it is a significant investment to replace all of your windows and doors simultaneously with Impact windows and doors, it does pay off in the long run.  And yes, it is an investment that will have a good return. 

Here are some excellent reasons to have all your home’s windows and doors upgraded all at once with impact products. 

  1. Cost Savings – You will be able to save significant money on labor and materials by replacing all of your windows and doors at once.   Sending out a team of installers at various times over a year or two will increase the cost of labor, set up and clean up for each upgrade.   Plus, the cost of materials is likely to rise over time, making new windows and doors more expensive. 
  2. Insurance Savings – To qualify for a discount on your wind-storm portion of your home’s insurance, every opening, both windows and doors, must be covered with a product rated for hurricane protection.
  3. Energy Savings – Old windows and doors are likely to be leaking air, causing you not only to be air conditioning your own home but the surrounding neighborhood.   When properly installed, new impact windows and doors make for an air-tight seal of your home, saving money on your electrical bill every month.   Proper installation following the manufacturer’s instructions is critical.  It is always better to work with a company that uses its in-house installers and no contractors to control the quality of the installation work.
  4. Safety and Security – If all of your windows and doors are impact rated, also known as hurricane rated, you will be ready at all times if a hurricane threatens.  No need to worry about putting up shutters or plywood; you are hurricane-ready at all times.  Many people take summer vacations during storm season, making it unnecessary to rush back home if a storm threatens.   And no need to find someone from afar to make your home hurricane-ready while you are away.  Thieves have also learned to move on to easier targets when confronted with impact-resistant windows and doors.   Kicking in a door or breaking a window are the number one ways thieves gain entrance to a home.  It is almost impossible for thieves to gain entry through a locked impact window or door.  Getting your windows and doors done in stages leaves openings for storms and thieves to penetrate the envelope of your home through those weak points.   
  5. Aesthetics – Brand new impact windows and doors will dramatically improve the appearance of your home.   Doing some windows and not others will create a disjointed look.  Old windows with a grid design over the glass obscure the view from inside the home are going out of style.   Sliding, Single-hung, and picture windows are all good for maximizing your home’s views and giving your home a modern look.  Impact entrance glass doors are also great for letting in natural light.  Entrance doors can be fitted with obscured impact glass that lets the light in but does not allow anyone to see into the home.  This modern look is great for lighting up a dark entryway during the day.   
  6. Return on Investment – Aside from ongoing energy savings, it is estimated that replacing old windows and doors with impact-rated windows and doors can return as much as 78% of their cost at the time of resale.   Plus, your home is likely to sell more quickly with new impact windows and doors.    

Often, financing options are available to get all your windows replaced simultaneously rather than making these home improvements in stages.   Call GM – Door, Window & Screen for a free estimate.  We have been doing this since 1968 and are family-owned and operated.  Call us at (954) 797-0797.     

23 06, 2021

A word about Unique Shaped Windows.

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Most windows are rectangular in shape, but to add visual interest, uniquely shaped windows are often incorporated into the design of a home.  These are also known as architectural fixed windows.  Aside from giving a custom look to a home, unique shaped windows allow for additional light and often enhance the view from inside the home.  If you want your home to stand out from the others in a neighborhood, a unique shaped window makes a statement.  

In South Florida, unique-shaped windows may pose a challenge if you are looking to replacing your old windows.  Most people these days opt for impact windows, also known as hurricane windows when doing window replacement for their home.  If you have a unique shaped window(s), no worries, GM – Door, Window, and & Screen will work with our manufacturers to design an impact replacement window that will fit your unique window opening.   We also have experienced in-house installers who have worked with unique windows and other challenging installations.  Proper installation is just as important as the impact widow itself to withstand storms and for the window to have no leaks. 

Special shaped replacement windows are ordered and are designed for a precise fit. 

To be eligible for an insurance discount, every window and door of the house needs to be fitted with an impact/hurricane-rated product, including fixed and unique-shaped windows.    

Primary Types of Unique Shaped Windows

Half Circle Windows

These windows are often positioned above a rectangular window or door to give the appearance of an arch. 

Quarter Circle Windows

Usually, two-quarter windows are paired together and placed side by side to form a half-circle. Quarter Arches are also used in the same manner.

Full Circle or Oval Windows

A full circle window, also known as an oculus window, is a complete 360° round shape.  Often these are used to light areas like stairwells where space is a premium.   The oval window is an elongated circle window. 

Radius or Arched Windows


This window has a soft curve or arch at the top of the window to complement the traditional horizontal and vertical lines of the bottom part of the window.  Other varieties of arched windows are also eyebrows, fans, and elliptical shapes.

Trapezoid Windows

Trapezoid windows are often associated with modern homes.  A trapezoid window is where the window most often is positioned to follow the slope of the roofline and is usually positioned above other windows. sliding glass doors or even French doors. Going back to your geometry class, a trapezoid is a quadrilateral (four sides) with only one pair of parallel sides.  The non-parallel side is the side that follows the angle of your roofline. 

Pantagon and Hexagon Window


This window shape makes a statement when incorporated into the architecture of any home.  These are five-sided or six-sided accent window that is most often a fixed window.  

Octagon Windows

Octagon windows have eight sides and are shaped like a stop sign.   This architectural window is often a fixed window and is a great source to allow in extra light.  

Triangle Windows

As the name denotes, these are fixed windows in the shape of a triangle equilateral or a ninety-degree triangle.  

Sidelight Windows

These are narrow vertical windows located on one or both sides of a door and, as the name indicates, allow additional light at the entrance of a home.  These can be individual units but most often are built into the same frame assembly as the door.   

There are many other custom types of windows out there, and we work with all shapes and sizes of windows. 

GM – Door, Window & Screen has been in business since 1968 and is family owned and operated.   Give us a call for a free estimate.  (954)797-0797

21 05, 2021

What are impact windows and glass impact glass doors?

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Impact windows and glass impact doors are made with impact-resistant laminated glass consisting of two or more clear panes of glass bonded together with a clear plastic-like film (usually polyvinyl butyral) sandwich between two panes. If cracked or broken the glass fragments will adhere to the plastic inter-layer preventing water, wind, or debris from entering the home. Impact windows and doors generally have heavier frames than regular residential windows.

Hurricane or impact windows and doors’ main function is to protect from wind, water, and wind born debris in the event of a storm. Impact-resistant glazing, also known as hurricane windows or glass doors, are windows and doors that have been tested for wind loads and wind-borne debris.

Broward, Coastal Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade are in a High-Velocity Wind Zone, and Impact Windows and doors must meet the most stringent testing requirements.

Energy Savings – Leaky windows run up your energy bill by making your air conditioner run longer to cool your home.   Impact, laminated glass windows provide greater insulation, and adding a tint will help block the sun’s rays to keep your home significantly cooler.  

Tints – Impact glass can be clear, but because of the amount of sunshine in storm-prone areas most often the glass is tinted.  Commonly available tint choices are bronze, grey, green or blue.

UV Protection – Tinting your impact windows can help reduce ultraviolet light, which not only causes damage to your skin, but can also fade furniture, artwork, and carpets in the home.   

Privacy Impact Glass – Impact windows can be made with obscured textured privacy glass and are commonly utilized on bathroom windows. Another popular choice on entrance impact glass doors is a white opaque privacy interlayer.  The white interlayer makes the glass opaque yet lets in loads of light and provides a clean, modern look.  

Noise Reduction – Old windows offer little insulation or soundproofing.  Impact windows are much thicker than a standard widow and that will significantly reduce the amount of outside noise intrusion.  

Security – Breaking windows is a very common way thieves gain entrance to a home.  Impact windows are designed to resist impacts.  Thieves will often bypass homes with impact windows knowing how difficult they are to breach. 

Let the pros at GM Door, Window and Screen give you a free quote about upgrading your doors and windows, so you can be ready for storm season.   Family-owned and operated, GM Door Window and Screen has been around since 1968. Call the pros at GM Door Window and Screen to get a free estimate.

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30 04, 2021

Impact / Hurricane Windows and Doors versus Shutters

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There are many considerations when deciding between hurricane shutters and replacing your windows and doors with impact / hurricane rated windows and doors.  Both provide significant protection in the event of a storm, but homeowner’s these days really appreciate how brand new impact windows and doors really update the look of the home.  Now if budget is your main concern then shutters might be the best choice. 

GM –Door, Window & Screen offers both options and will help you decide what is best for your circumstance.  

Impact / Hurricane Windows and Doors versus Shutters

  • Shutters need to be put up and taken down before and after each storm threatens.  Hurricane windows and doors provide continuous protection. 
  • Shutters are a more budget friendly option over impact windows and doors. 
  • Both Shutters and impact rated windows and doors can reduce your home owners insurance cost.  One should be aware that all openings: windows, sliding glass doors, exterior doors and garage doors need to be impact rated or have a shutter installed to enjoy a rate reduction.  
  • It should be note having shutters or impact windows and doors will increase the value of your home, plus make it easier to sell when the time comes. 
  • Finding space to store shutters when not in use is often an issue for homeowners.
  • Old windows and doors will need to be eventually replaced, so installing hurricane shutters over old windows and doors will cost more in the long run when it comes time for replacement.
  • New impact rated windows and doors have the following added benefits:
    • Increased energy efficiency – Energy consumption will most certainly be reduced replacing old leaky windows and doors.
    • Increased security – Kicking in doors or breaking windows is the main way thieves gain access to a home.  This is virtually impossible with impact rated windows and doors. 
    • UV light protection – new impact windows will significantly reduce UV light which damages furniture, flooring and artwork.   
    • Noise reduction – With new impact windows and doors you will see a significant reduction in the amount of outside noise entering your home. 
  • With shutters you may end up sitting in the dark if the power goes out day or night.  Many prefer impact windows that gives them a view of the activity that is going on outside, while still remaining safe.    

Whether you choose hurricane / Impact resistant windows and doors or shutters , GM – Door, Window & Screen does it all with our own professional installation team.  Family owned and operated since 1968.  Give us a call for a free estimate (954) 979-0797. 

30 03, 2021

Door, Window and Screen Installation and Repair – Do it Yourself, Hire a Handyman or Hire a Pro?

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In most cases installing exterior doors, windows and screen enclosures is best left to the professionals.   And the answer is…Yes, to the question, “Do I need a permit?” 

For repairs the biggest challenge is finding the right part.

New windows can greatly enhance the look of your home.

However, if you do have the skill and experience these are jobs that can be tackled by a highly skilled do it yourselfer, who possesses advanced carpentry skills and possesses the proper tools.  Before taking on such jobs yourself, another factor to keep in mind is the time it will take to complete the job and is it worth it. 

In regards to hiring a handyman or independent contractor for such jobs, you should check how long they have been in business, check references and see if they have the necessary experience and  certifications.  Improper installation will cause you to not pass inspection or void the product warranty.   Be sure to research the product warranty requirements.   

GM – Door, Window & Screen not only does residential and commercial installations and repairs, but has established itself as a leading distributor and supplier of high-quality products and parts for the do-it-yourselfer, handyman or independent contractor.  We work with a wide variety of well-known manufacturers to give you plenty of options from which to choose.  If you are a contractor, handyman or do-it-yourselfer we can supply Impact and Non-Impact rated Windows, Impact and Non-Impact rated Sliding Glass Doors, Impact and Non-Impact rated Entrance Doors, Impact and Non-Impact Rated Garage Access Doors, and Impact and Non- Impact rated Exterior French Doors.  GM also carries everything needed for Patio / Pool Screen Enclosures, Insulated Roof Screen Enclosures, and Screen Doors.  

We can source most all replacement parts for windows and doors specializing in old, hard to find and in some cases discontinued parts.  GM is also your go to resource for glass and mirror replacement.  We can cut while you wait for immediate repairs of broken glass on your non-impact windows.  

As part of our service, we also manufacture window screens for all types of windows as well as sliding screen doors.

Located in the heart of Broward County in Plantation you can pick- up products and parts in our store.   We are family owned and operated and have been in business since 1968.  Our bilingual staff is ready to assist with your projects.  Give us a call at (954) 797-0797.   

25 02, 2021

Financing Options for Impact Windows and Doors

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Hurricane / Impact windows and doors are a great investment to protect your family, increase your homes energy efficiency and may also reduce the wind portion of your property insurance cost by up to 77% depending on the age of your home and the type of improvement. 

So what are your home improvement financing options if you do not have the liquid cash to spend? 

One option is to take a traditional home equity loan.  Sometimes these loans can take several weeks to secure, but this will not make sense if your repair or upgrade is needed quickly.  Also, if you have an impaired credit score that could exclude you from qualifying for a home equity loan.    

A great financing option for eligible Florida property owners is through Ygrene’s Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program.  Homeowner’s can receive up to 100 percent financing to make energy efficiency and wind resistance home improvement and repairs.  Financing is based upon available home equity, ability to pay, along with other factors. The funding is repaid through an assessment included on the annual property tax bill. Wind resistant improvements include wind-rated / hurricane resistant windows, doors and storm shutters. The PACE program is not based upon credit score, pays the contractor directly, stretches payments out over terms up to 30 years and is at a fixed interest rate.    

The PACE program was made available by the state legislation and approved by local governments, but is not a government incentive or subsidy program.  It is a long-term, fixed rate source of financing that allows homeowners to do energy conservation and hurricane hardening improvements to their property.  PACE financing was specifically designed to fill the gap when financial institutions were reluctant to finance these types of home improvement projects.      

PACE assessments can be paid off at any time and residential PACE programs do not have any early prepayment fees.  The PACE program makes it easy for homeowners to make home improvements by eliminating up-front cash payments and provides a competitive interest rate.  In addition, there are no interest rate adjustments and no balloon payment. 

The PACE assessment is attached to the property, rather than the property owner, so if you sell the property before the assessment is paid off the balance of the assessment remains with the property.   At the time of sale you can pay off the assessment or negotiate with the buyer to pay off the balance.

Call GM – Door, Window and Screen to set up a free estimate.  

10 02, 2021

Condensation on your New Impact Windows and Doors

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When you upgrade your windows and doors with high efficiency, impact products you may experience condensation issues.   This has nothing to do with improper installation, but just the opposite is true.  Now that your home is properly sealed the temperature differential between the interior and exterior of the home coupled with high humidity can cause condensation.  

Let’s take a look at some common causes and some recommended solutions to reduce condensation. 

Exterior Condensation

Exterior condensation, also known as dew, is the result of the window or door being cooled from the indoor temperature as compared to the temperature outside, which is a common scenario in South Florida.  Exterior condensation on a properly sealed home is perfectly normal.   An air conditioning vent blowing directly on an exterior window can also cause exterior condensation.   

Potential Solutions

  • Sunshine and the daily heat of the day typically takes care of exterior condensation. 
  • Position air conditioning vents from directly blowing on windows.
  • If it really bothers you take the time to wipe down the outside of your windows or doors. 

Interior Condensation

This is a result of high indoor humidity that can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Air conditioner is not working properly and removing indoor humidity.
  • Poor ventilation.
  • Showering & Bathing.
  • Cooking.
  • Laundry.

Potential Solutions

  • Reduce Moisture
    • Have your HVAC system checked to make sure it is properly dehumidifying your home.
    • Purchase a dehumidifier or employ a moister eliminator, such as Damp/Rid. 
  • Circulate the Air
    • Install bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans and utilize them during and for 15 minutes after cooking, bathing and doing laundry.
  • Improve Ventilation
    • Open window and door coverings during the day.
    • Install ducting that will take air to the outside of your home when washing or drying clothes.
  • Raise the temperature in your home. 

Condensation between the Glass Panes

Condensation buildup between glass panes is abnormal and is indicative of a faulty window or door seal.   First try to wipe the interior and exterior panes to determine if the condensation is indeed between the glass panes.  If there is still moisture then you will want to contact the manufacturer or dealer to determine how to handle the faulty window or door. 

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