In storm prone South Florida just as important as selecting quality impact windows and exterior doors is making sure they are properly installed.  All work should be done by an experienced professional.  Be wary of purchasing windows and doors from companies that use subcontractors to do the installation or using a handyman.  Improper installation can be a very expensive mistake.    In order to qualify for insurance discounts you need to make sure your windows and doors are installed according to the manufacturers’ specifications.  And the answer is yes to the question; do I need a permit for installing impact windows and impact exterior doors?   

Here are the top 10 things to look for when installing impact windows and doors. 

  1. Double Check the Measurements – A proper fit is needed to make sure impact windows and doors will function properly and will protect your home in the event of a storm.     
  2. Careful Removal of the Old Existing Window – In most cases the old windows can be removed without issues.  With that said at times there is prexisting damage to the structure, facing, sills or molding or unavoidable damage from removing old windows.   Often the installer will repair typical damage and do minor stucco work.  Established with the installer what repairs they will handle and when you might need to bring in other professionals.    
  3. Replace or Repair Old Framing – Because of previous water damage, wood rot or termite damage framing might need to be repaired or replaced.  Extensive damage of this type might involve additional cost or bringing in an outside professional to make repairs, so make sure to always address leaks and termite issues as soon as they become apparent. 
  4. Positioning of the New Windows and Doors – Your new windows and doors need to be installed so they are square, level and plumb, meaning they are 90 degrees at the corners.   This is necessary to make sure the windows and doors will operate properly.  
  5. Insulation – At times spray foam insulation is used to reduce unwanted air infiltration and spray foam insulation is very good at resisting heat infiltration. 
  6. Exterior Caulking – A thick bead of quality outdoor caulking is needed to insure a waterproof seal. 
  7. Interior Finishing – Make sure to review with the installer the finish work that will need to be done on the inside of the home. 
  8. Worksite Clean – Up – Professional installers will clean up after their work daily, and that should include disposing of the old windows. 
  9. Painting – Invariably you should be prepared to do paint touch up work on the interior and exterior around a new door or window installation. 
  10. Walk Through with your Installer – Once everything is installed you should go around with your installer to make sure all the windows and doors open, close and lock properly. 

Finally, it is time for the final inspection by your municipality to confirm your impact windows and impact doors have been properly installed.  The inspection will confirm your impact windows and exterior impact doors meet local building code requirements.   There are stickers affixed to the windows and doors that must remain in place for the inspection.  This sticker shows the inspector the manufacturer, impact rating, wind pressure rating, and energy efficiency.

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