Most people take their windows and sliding glass doors for granted, but they require some regular maintenance to make sure they operate properly.   In South Florida with the exception of a few short months your windows remain closed and that can be an issue when you finally do go to open them and find they are stuck.  So aside from just cleaning the glass, at least once a year you should give all your windows a thorough inspection.      

  1. To ensure smooth operation you should routinely clean out the tracks of windows and sliding glass doors.  Use a dry brush to remove dirt and debris, a shop vacuum or vacuum also comes in handy to clear out the tracks.  You may have to do this more often if a tree or a bush is near the window and is constantly dropping debris onto the track.     
  2. After clearing the tracks you should wash the tracks and frames using a mild soap using a soft cloth or sponge.  Then dry then using a clean dry cloth.  Do not use scouring pads, steel wool or a scrubbing pad which can damage the window frame surface.    
  3. Exercise or open and close all windows and sliding glass doors to make sure they operate properly.  A window sliding glass door that has been left shut for some time will likely be difficult to operate.  
  4. As a word of warning do not use petroleum based products to lubricate your windows or sliding glass doors.   Not only can this ruin the finish, but oil will attract dirt, dust and debris.  Instead choose an oil free silicone based lubricant available at your local home improvement store.  Spray the track evenly with a light coat and open and close the window or sliding glass door several times to evenly distribute the lubricant. When applied this will help with the smooth operation of your window or sliding glass door.  
  5. If you live close to the ocean salt air is extra tough on windows and sliding glass doors.  We recommend you thoroughly clean your windows and sliding glass doors quarterly.  
  6. While cleaning your windows and sliding glass door you should give them a thorough inspection.    Over time a house can settle and changes in temperature will cause a natural expansion and contraction of your home.   This can cause the seal on your widows to fail and your home will no longer be weather tight.  These gaps can cause air leaks and that will increase your energy bills and these gaps will also allow water intrusion.  You will need to replace any caulk at the joints if you see it beginning to fail and repair any windows that have become misaligned.  Even a small leak can cause significant damage over time.   If you see discoloration on the walls or window sills or paint bubbling that is a sign of a leak and that should be addressed immediately.   Use touch up paint to cover any paint chips that you find on the frames. 

Regular window and sliding glass door maintenance will extend the life of your investment and give you years of trouble free operation.    

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It is important to regularly maintain your windows and sliding glass doors.