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Screen Enclosures For Patios and Pools For Sale in Hollywood, FL

South Florida is known for featuring beautiful properties with luxurious patios, pools, spas, and Fort Lauderdale is no exception. However, in an area known for heavy storms and frequent rains during parts of the year, these pools and spas are difficult to keep clean and free of debris. Not to mention that you don’t want to be relaxing by the poolside, only to have mosquitos and other insects disturbing your peace.

GM Door Window And Screen Hollywood, FL sells the best Pool Enclosures and the best Patio Enclosures in Hollywood, FL. Pool Enclosures and Patio enclosures offer a versatile solution to common complaints we hear from customers who want peace and insect-free pool and spa time, without having to clean the area constantly. For customers like you in Hollywood FL, we offer screen enclosures for pools, screen enclosures for patios, and other areas that you would like enclosed. These screen enclosures are custom-designed and built to your exact specifications for your Hollywood Florida home.

How Can Screen Enclosures Help?

  • Keeps your pool or spa clean
  • Lowers pool maintenance costs
  • Keeps stray golf balls or other objects out
  • Expands your home living area
  • Conveniently enjoy the outdoors without invasion of bugs
  • Adds privacy without fencing
  • Keeps pets and children inside and away from danger

Screen Enclosures Hollywood, FL

Whether you need to improve your home's pool patio or enclose an open area, we can help! Our guarantee: no more pests, leaves, or debris. Contact GM Door Window and Screen for the best patio enclosures and the best pool enclosures in Hollywood, FL.

Every job is custom built. Measurements, design & engineering are essential to withstand the Florida Building Code grade of resistance against 170-plus mph winds. Our professional installers use only the finest materials available. The frame is fabricated from maintenance-free, powder-coated aluminum. All the aluminum extrusions incorporate a patented system that locks in the screening. This prevents it from being pushed out or sagging over time.

Gain unmatched control over the environment on your property while adding the benefits of rain protection, shade, and the best hurricane protection money can buy. Consider how much time and money on pool cleaning and repair services a new enclosure will cost you; it truly pays for itself!

Galery Screen Enclosures Hollywood, FL