Of course, it might be just a matter of preference, but there are a number of things to consider when deciding to go with Sliding Glass Doors or French Doors.  

Let’s look at what you should consider when making this decision.

Sliding Glass Doors

Budget – Typically, sliding glass doors are less expensive to install than French Doors.  

Aesthetics – Sliding glass doors provide a beautiful, panoramic view of the outside.  They allow a tremendous amount of light to flow into your home and do a great job of making the outside space feel like a part of a home’s interior.   If the opening allows, you can install multi-slide patio doors that create a dramatic indoor and outdoor connection. 

Security  – Impact-rated sliding glass doors are virtually unbreakable.  And locking mechanisms are significantly better than in the past, so it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the thief to gain entrance to your home through a sliding glass door.    

Practicality  – Sliding Glass Doors do just that; they slide out of the way and afford you more space on your patio.  This is especially valuable if your patio has a small footprint or a balcony.   Plus, you can open the door a little or a lot allowing as much outside air into your home as you desire.  There is some additional maintenance needed when it comes to sliding glass doors.  You should regularly clean the tracks and periodically lubricate the tracks with a non-petroleum-based lubricant. 

 French Doors

Budget – Installing French doors most often cost more than sliding glass door, but you cannot deny how elegant they look.      

Aesthetics – French doors are available in various styles and designs, allowing homeowners to choose the one that best complements their architectural style and personal preferences.  French Doors can make a beautiful design statement with wider frames and more hardware options.   They can add a touch of sophistication and charm to any home, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

Security  – Hurricane-rated French doors fitted with impact glass are almost impossible for thieves to defeat.  Thieves will not be able to kick in or break the glass of an impact-rated French door and will choose to move on to find an easier target.     

Practicality  -With a traditional two-panel French Door, where both doors are operational, you can open both doors at once, allowing for a grand entrance to your home for moving in and out furniture or hosting a large party at your home, facilitating the free flow of traffic.  It should be noted that in storm-prone South Florida, exterior French Doors must swing outward by code, which must be taken into account when setting up your patio furnishings. 

Other considerations

No matter your choice in South Florida, we highly recommend you do your patio door replacement with a hurricane-rated product.  Patio shutters are often heavy, large, and difficult to install.  Accordion shutters are also effective but detract significantly from the aesthetics of your patio area. 

 It is best to meet with an experienced representative who can present you with the best options for your individual needs and budget.  GM – Door, Window & Screen has been doing business in South Florida since 1968.   We are a local family-run business with our in-house installation team.  Call us for a free estimate at (954) 797-0797.